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Home / Shop / Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements / Antioxidants / Swissoats A111® For Her 60 Capsules
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Swissoats A111® For Her 60 Capsules

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Active ageing, healthy living! Swissoats help to curb the symptoms of ageing via three main ingredients: green oats, stinging neetle, and sea buckthorn.


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Swissoats A111® is a natural dietary supplement that has been formulated to restore vitality and maintain general well-being with its bioactive extracts of green oats, stinging nettle and sea buckthorn fruit.

With strong anti-oxidant effects, Swissoats A111® For Her helps to beat the aging process, relieve stress, anxiety and tension. Furthermore, Swissoats A111® For Her has been proven to effectively enhance energy levels and boost overall performance, while promoting a healthy well-being full of youthful vigour.

Supporting a healthy active lifestyle, Swissoats A111® For Her is the ideal supplement for physical and mental fitness, vitality, stress relief, and general well-being.

  • Dietary supplement formulated to restore vitality and maintain general well-being
  • Contains fruits with strong anti-oxidant effects
  • Effectively enhance energy levels and boost overall performance, promotes muscle strength, stamina and a healthy mind
  • Made in Switzerland, Contains 60 Caplets

Green oats reduce the risk of heart diseases, prevent toxins & disease causing bacteria from entering the bloodstream, contains high quantities of polyphenolic flavonoids which are very powerful anti-oxidants, and has shown a capacity to unlock the bound testosterone, and make it biologically active again. Stinging nettle increases red blood cells count, balance hormones, contains polysaccharides & lectins which serve as a nourishing agent for pregnant women and may help increase milk production in lactating mothers. Sea Buckthorn has the richest source of antioxidant vitamins E & A (beta carotene & other carotenoids) which are known to slow down the ageing process.

Extracts of green oats, stinging neetle, and sea buckthorn.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1How do I know if Swissoats A111® works?

    SWISSOATS A111® has been proven to work effectively after being subjected to several clinical studies in Europe, USA, Japan and Singapore. Valid clinical references from reputable international clinical journals are available to evaluate its effectiveness. Furthermore, results from a local study in Singapore were presented at the 2nd World Congress on Aging Male at Geneva and at Asian Urology Congress in Beijing.

  • 2How does Swissoats A111® help?

    SWISSOATS A111® has been clinically proven to help both men and women:

    • Restore declining physical and mental energy
    • Improve vitality, stamina and endurance
    • Increase muscle strength and physical fitness
    • Increase anaerobic work capacity
    • Enhance libido (sexual desire)
    • Reduce exercise-induced rise in blood pressure
    • Improve alertness and concentration
    • Boost declining overall performance
    • Slow down aging process
    • Keep skin radiant and healthy
    • Increase red blood cell formation and improve blood circulation
    • Relieve menopausal symptoms (indicated only for women)
    • Provide nourishing agents for pregnant and lactating mothers (indicated only for women)
    • Promote a stronger immune system and speed up recovery from illness
    • Meet the nutrient requirements essential for a healthy well-being with its rich content of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • 3How long should I take Swissoats A111® before I can feel its effects?

    Beneficial effects of SWISSOATS A111® are often evident within two weeks of consumption. However, please note that this is an average period given as every individual takes a different amount of time to feel the effects, i.e. one may feel the effects sooner than another individual.

  • 4What is the recommended dose and ideal time of consumption?

    SWISSOATS A111® has been clinically proven to help both men and women:

    • The recommended dose for men is two caplets a day for an initial 2 weeks, to be taken after meals. Followed by a maintenance dose of one to two caplets per day.
    • The recommended dose for women is two caplets a day for an initial 1 week, to be taken after meals. Followed by a maintenance dose of one to two caplets per day.
    • Ideally, SWISSOATS A111® should be taken after breakfast or lunch to provide you the benefits of peak energy levels throughout the day
  • 5What happens if I take more than 2 caplets a day?

    There is no problem taking more than 2 caplets a day. Any excessive amount which is not required by your body will be excreted by your system.

  • 6Does Swissoats A111® keep me awake if taken at night?

    SWISSOATS A111® is an energy booster. Some people may experience a problem in sleeping if they take it at night. Therefore, it is best to take SWISSOATS A111® after breakfast or after lunch. However, for those who do work night shifts or enjoy their night lives, they may take SWISSOATS A111® at night for added energy.

  • 7Does Swissoats A111® cause heatiness?

    SWISSOATS A111® will not cause heatiness. Heatiness is caused by bacteria or a viral infection that may lead to sore throat etc. In fact, SWISSOATS A111® can prevent sore throats and other infections owing to its powerful antioxidant properties which help to enhance our immune system.

  • 8Does Swissoats A111® have any negative side-effects?

    Extensive clinical studies as well as health and safety reports have shown that SWISSOATS A111® does not cause any negative side effects. Moreover, it does not interact with any medications and is safe for consumption.

  • 9How credible is Swissoats A111® as a safe, quality product?

    Laboratory tests have been conducted in Singapore to prove the safety of SWISSOATS A111®, as it contains NO toxic metals or harmful substances. In fact, SWISSOATS A111® has been awarded a US patent for its innovation and originality. Produced in Switzerland, a land well known for precision and perfection, SWISSOATS A111® like other Swiss products, has a reputation for its impeccable quality.

  • 10How is Swissoats A111® different from other products containing oats?

    SWISSOATS A111® differs from other oat-containing products as a result of its exclusive patented combination of its ingredients – Green Oats, Stinging Nettle and Sea Buckthorn fruit. Furthermore, SWISSOATS A111® is cold pressed from a special strain of oat plants thus giving you a product that is highest in nutrients and quality than extracts pressed from common oat varieties.

    The unique method of cold processing used in SWISSOATS A111® ensures preservation of key compounds in a living state with highest nutrient levels and the best quality extract. Using the latest technology, the special packaging preserves the effective compounds alive for up to 3 years.

  • 11Is taking oat cereal the same as taking Swissoats A111®?

    Oat cereals are healthy and a good source of nutrients. However, there are many other health benefits that SWISSOATS A111® can offer, of which taking oats cereals alone is not sufficient to fulfil those needs.

  • 12Will Swissoats a111® cause long-term dependence? will there be any withdrawal symptoms or problems if I stop taking Swissoats A111®?

    SWISSOATS A111® will not cause long term dependence. It is no different from taking your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. If you stop taking SWISSOATS A111®, you will probably experience a slight decrease in energy levels and a drop in your immune system.

  • 13If I take Swissoats A111®, do I still need to take other general vitamin and mineral supplements?

    Unless you are very deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, taking 1 to 2 caplets of SWISSOATS A111® is sufficient to meet your daily nutrient requirements.


  • 14Does Swissoats A111® cause constipation?

    The 3 major ingredients in SWISSOATS A111® are special stain of green oats, stinging nettle plant and sea buckthorn fruit extracts. These are valuable source of fibres. As we all know, fibres are useful to assist in bowel movement and to prevent constipation.

  • 15Does Swissoats A111® cause weight gain?

    A key benefit of SWISSOATS A111® is that it improves your energy levels naturally. This will help you burn energy rather than put on weight. Also, oats, plants and fruit extracts are high in nutrition but do not promote weight gain.

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