- November 3, 2020

Does the type of mask you wear make a difference? Actually, yes. It is recommended to use a medical grade face mask with a snug but comfortable fit, made from a soft and breathable material. A good fit will not only help to protect you and others from Covid-19, but also prevents you from having to constantly adjust your face masks, which reduces the spread of bacteria to your face and stops it from rubbing against your skin. With the wide array of face masks available these days, how do you know which is best for your skin while offering you the protection needed against Covid-19?

Happiness is a desk space that works – for you!

- May 17, 2018

Why personalize your desk space? Not surprisingly, how our desk space is ordered and what’s to be seen on and around it can affect how we feel. A sterile desk space can compromise our work performance and our commitment to…

How To Move On From Trauma

- January 11, 2018

None of us are immune to the trials and tribulations of life. However, these setbacks don’t have to spell the end of our happiness.

Essential Oils: They Don’t Just Smell Good!

- November 16, 2017

Produced from a wide variety of plants, essential oils can freshen up a space with its comforting and invigorating aromas. But did you know these concentrated oils are more than mere olfactory stimulants? They provide a host of physical and emotional health benefits too. We find out more in this article. But, first, how are essential oils made?

How To Help A Loved One Who’s Depressed

- August 24, 2017

When your family member or good friend is suffering from depression, it can be hard to know what to do or even say. Here is some advice to get you started.

Napping: How Much Is Enough For A Mood Boost?

- July 13, 2017

In the past few years, several companies across the US have adopted snooze-friendly policies. Two examples: Google’s legendary sleep pods, and publishing giant The Huffington Post’s designated rooms for napping. For the latter, the push for health and wellness in…

Can helping others make us happier?

- June 22, 2017

It’s more potent than a vitamin pill: from instant mood boosts to greater self-satisfaction, helping others puts us in the pink of mental health. So what is the science behind this secret to happiness, and how can we avoid getting big headed from helping others?

How To Cultivate Inner Strength

- April 28, 2017

Have you ever looked back on some of your most trying times and wondered how you managed to come out of them unscathed? Stronger, even? The answer lies within you.

Turn Your Year-End Blues Into New-Year Cheers

- December 22, 2016

With a brand new year just a couple of weeks away, this means it’s time once again for us to review and reflect on the past 12 months - a notion that can be daunting for some. But, it doesn’t have to be.

What You Need To Know About Generalised Anxiety Disorder

- November 18, 2016

A chronic form of anxiety disorder that affects twice as many women as men, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) manifests in symptoms that can be debilitating for the sufferer if not properly managed. In this article, we speak to clinical director…

Here’s Why You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Loneliness, According To Science

- August 2, 2016

Feeling a little lonely? Don't worry – it’s completely normal and simply part of what it means to be human. That said; there are ways to make space for these feelings of loneliness and ease the discomfort. Ms Ho Shee Wai, Director and Registered Psychologist of The Counselling Place, shows us how.

9 No-Fail Natural Remedies for PMS-Induced Mood Swings

- July 11, 2016

You feel like you’re trapped in a glass case of emotion. The slightest trip could set you off, transforming you into either a trembling, crying wreck, or a seething, frothy rage. One minute you feel over the moon; in the next minute, you feel as though you’re being pulled under.