- November 3, 2020

Does the type of mask you wear make a difference? Actually, yes. It is recommended to use a medical grade face mask with a snug but comfortable fit, made from a soft and breathable material. A good fit will not only help to protect you and others from Covid-19, but also prevents you from having to constantly adjust your face masks, which reduces the spread of bacteria to your face and stops it from rubbing against your skin. With the wide array of face masks available these days, how do you know which is best for your skin while offering you the protection needed against Covid-19?

Don’t accept scars for what they are

- May 3, 2018

Many of us acquire some unique scars through our lifetime. However, it’s mostly the visible ones that tend to bother us. Some scars can be more obvious and the result of an accident, a surgical procedure or a skin condition…

5 Ways To Keep Fuzz Free

- December 7, 2017

It’s no secret that many women consider hair removal as an integral part of their grooming routines. However, there are many ways to achieve baby smooth skin. Which are the best suited for your budget or for different areas of the body? We lay bare 5 different hair removal methods and what you should take note of for a cleaner shave and healthier-looking skin.

Doing This Will Make Men Lose Hair Faster!

- October 12, 2017

While most men preen their crowning glories with pomades, waxes and hair sprays galore, not everyone makes it a habit to apply products correctly. We share why this makes you lose hair, and other useful tips to keep your mane looking its finest for longer!

Is “Organic” Skincare Truly Green And Safe?

- September 7, 2017

With environmentally friendly products being the buzz-phrase of this day and age, how can we be sure that the organic body and skincare products we consume are indeed organic?

Nailing Down The Truth

- May 11, 2017

What do white spots on nails mean? Do your fingers resemble the shape of a drumstick, and so what if they do? Find out what the appearance of your nails can tell you about your health.

What You Need To Know About Halitosis

- February 7, 2017

Bothered by that offensive odour that seems to have taken up permanent residence in your mouth? Hold your breath, because there are ways to stamp out the smell.

Your reason to smile is right here

- August 6, 2016

Whether it’s to up your selfie game or to leave a good impression, we can all agree that yellow, stained teeth is never a great look to sport.

What Living In Singapore Does To Your Skin

- July 11, 2016

Redness, dryness, itchy skin… Is it just a heat rash or something more serious? We speak to Dr Derrick Aw, Head and Senior Consultant, Division of Dermatology, National University Hospital, to find out more about four common skin conditions here.