What is HealthScoop about?

- July 4, 2016

HealthScoop is all about inspiring you to lead your life to its fullest and brightest potential. We hope to become your trusted voice for expert opinions and great product recommendations that will empower you to lead a healthier life.

The Truth About These Superfoods

- January 18, 2018

In recent years, superfoods have captured the minds (and stomachs) of urbanites on the lookout for a quick fix or cure-all to cope with the demands of modern living. While our parents’ generation may have adhered to the traditional nutritional…

How To Move On From Trauma

- January 11, 2018

None of us are immune to the trials and tribulations of life. However, these setbacks don’t have to spell the end of our happiness.

5 Healthy Snacks That Are Actually Bad For You

- January 4, 2018

Maybe you pick up a smoothie before work every morning, or you fuel up with a cereal bar after a workout. Did you know these supposedly healthy foods are chockfull of unnecessary calories? Here are 5 popular healthy snacks, why…

Go with your gut!

- December 28, 2017

If you’re suffering from the negative side effects of festive overindulgence, here are some ways to bring balance back to your gut.

5 Ways To Keep Fuzz Free

- December 7, 2017

It’s no secret that many women consider hair removal as an integral part of their grooming routines. However, there are many ways to achieve baby smooth skin. Which are the best suited for your budget or for different areas of the body? We lay bare 5 different hair removal methods and what you should take note of for a cleaner shave and healthier-looking skin.

Miso Hungry

- November 23, 2017

These 2 miso-flavoured snacks aren’t just healthier alternatives to your salt-laden chips, they are so addictive, you will need considerable willpower to stop yourself from inhaling the whole lot!

Essential Oils: They Don’t Just Smell Good!

- November 16, 2017

Produced from a wide variety of plants, essential oils can freshen up a space with its comforting and invigorating aromas. But did you know these concentrated oils are more than mere olfactory stimulants? They provide a host of physical and emotional health benefits too. We find out more in this article. But, first, how are essential oils made?

Shedding Light On What Skin Brighteners and Whiteners Do For You

- November 9, 2017

Are you often enticed by the promise of fairer skin when shopping for new facial products and treatments? Is your skin lacking in luster and in need of a clarifying boost? Whether you are looking to restore its natural radiance or achieve a more even skin tone, you would likely encounter a myriad of skin brightening and skin whitening products that claim to deliver the glowing skin you want. However, do you know that there are differences between the two treatments?

Doing This Will Make Men Lose Hair Faster!

- October 12, 2017

While most men preen their crowning glories with pomades, waxes and hair sprays galore, not everyone makes it a habit to apply products correctly. We share why this makes you lose hair, and other useful tips to keep your mane looking its finest for longer!

3 Veggie-Based Ice Pops Even Kids Will Eat!

- September 28, 2017

Can’t stop your child from craving for sweets? Wished the growing tod will eat his veggies? Well, instead of turning veggies into an unappetising mush, why not make them into delicious ice pops and serve them up as desserts or treats?

Is “Organic” Skincare Truly Green And Safe?

- September 7, 2017

With environmentally friendly products being the buzz-phrase of this day and age, how can we be sure that the organic body and skincare products we consume are indeed organic?