What is HealthScoop about?

- July 4, 2016

HealthScoop is all about inspiring you to lead your life to its fullest and brightest potential. We hope to become your trusted voice for expert opinions and great product recommendations that will empower you to lead a healthier life.

Turn Your Year-End Blues Into New-Year Cheers

- December 22, 2016

With a brand new year just a couple of weeks away, this means it’s time once again for us to review and reflect on the past 12 months - a notion that can be daunting for some. But, it doesn’t have to be.

How Susceptible Are You To Mosquito Bites?

- December 4, 2016

Genetics play a part in determining the likelihood that you’ll be bitten, but the good news is that making the right lifestyle choices could lessen your chance of falling prey to mosquitoes.