What is HealthScoop about?

- July 4, 2016

HealthScoop is all about inspiring you to lead your life to its fullest and brightest potential. We hope to become your trusted voice for expert opinions and great product recommendations that will empower you to lead a healthier life.

How to find your perfect sole-mate

- January 25, 2018

A great pair of sports shoes can help you stave off injuries in the long-term and help you last through those grueling workouts.

The Truth About These Superfoods

- January 18, 2018

In recent years, superfoods have captured the minds (and stomachs) of urbanites on the lookout for a quick fix or cure-all to cope with the demands of modern living. While our parents’ generation may have adhered to the traditional nutritional…

How To Move On From Trauma

- January 11, 2018

None of us are immune to the trials and tribulations of life. However, these setbacks don’t have to spell the end of our happiness.

5 Healthy Snacks That Are Actually Bad For You

- January 4, 2018

Maybe you pick up a smoothie before work every morning, or you fuel up with a cereal bar after a workout. Did you know these supposedly healthy foods are chockfull of unnecessary calories? Here are 5 popular healthy snacks, why…